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China High Pressure Centrifugal Ventilator manufacturers

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Our company is located in zhoucun district, zibo city, shandong province, east of bolai expressway, west of zhoucun city, north of jiqing expressway, close to 309 national highway, convenient transportation, superior geographical location, covers an area of 10,000 square meters, fixed assets of 50 million yuan.
The company Zibo Xinhua Fan Co., LTD founded in 1993, with more than ten years of development, has been able to produce more than 200 series, more than 1200 products, and the annual production capacity can reach 80 million. Products are widely used in boilers, workshop, mining, textile, oil field, chemical industry, kiln, metallurgical, power plants, cement plants, alumina, electrolytic aluminum, building materials industries, the production of the mine fan, axial flow fan, cotton fan, material conveying fan. Inspected by the commodity inspection department of the customs, the products are exported to southeast Asia, South America, South Africa, Pakistan, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Australia and other countries around the world, deeply into the international market.
The company cooperated with Shanghai No. 6 Chemical Fiber Factory, Jinan Textile Design Institute and Shandong Yinying Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd to develop C6-46-II type special cotton opener for chemical fiber, and exported to Southeast Asia, Pakistan and other countries. Domestic use for Gaomi Yinying Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd (Weifang Chemical Fiber Factory), Xinjiang Yinying Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
The K series mine fans produced by our company are suitable for ventilation and air exchange in large, medium and small mines, KCS mine wet division fans, JK series and DJK series local fans, BJK series, DK40,DK45 series main fans and auxiliary fans. Among them DJK series fan exports to Algeria.
TLGY/TLYY fan is a desulfurization and dedusting system of industrial boiler (1-670t/h) for various desulphurization and dedusting devices.。The 4-72 centrifugal fan can be used for indoor ventilation and air exchange in general factories and large buildings, as well as for conveying air and other non-spontaneous combustible, harmless to human body. T30/BT30/T35/BT35 pipe has simple structure, low noise and various kinds of axial fan. Wide range of application, mainly and chemical, paper, metallurgy, textile, plant, tunnel, warehouse, mine and other ventilation. The BF4-72,DBT35 fan is exported to Kazakhstan. 9-19 / 9-26 / 10-19 series high pressure centrifugal fan products are suitable for forging and smelting. Furnace and high-pressure ventilation, and can be used to transport fuel, air and non-corrosive, non-self-ignition, non-viscous gas. The high pressure centrifugal fan for iron furnace can be used as blast in furnace, melting furnace and forging furnace. It is also suitable for conveying air and non-corrosive, non-spontaneous combustion and non-viscous gas.
C series multistage low speed centrifugal blower, a new generation multistage centrifugal blower is designed and developed to meet the needs of customers. The series of products adopt a number of proprietary technology, high-efficiency energy-saving, is a collection of advanced technology at home and abroad in one of the latest products.
The L-series Roots blower parts have strong performance, high standardization, reasonable structure, high efficiency, and safe and reliable use. User selection, installation, maintenance and spare parts are convenient. Its performance coverage is wide, the flow rate is from 0.37 to 1000 m3 / min, and the pressure rise can reach up to 98 KPA.
C4-73 type dust removal centrifugal fan is a special equipment for discharging gas containing dust, wood debris, fine fiber, etc. It can also be used as general ventilator. Model SL45,XS,XM7-31 material conveying fan is suitable for fiber, shaving, tobacco, etc. Sawdust fragments and grain feed, etc.
SWF Francis Fan has the characteristics of high efficiency, compact structure, convenient installation, low noise and so on. This kind of product is divided into two types: single speed and double speed. Changing the installation angle of fan, the number of blades and speed can meet the requirements of different occasions.
JS-618 humidification and dust removal fan and PW-10 spray fan are widely used in textile, mining and dust fields.
The company always adhere to the «market» as the guide, «talent» as the fundamental, «customer» as God’s business philosophy; Constantly strengthen, expand their own network sales system. At present, the company is moving towards a more ambitious blueprint.
In recent years, in close cooperation with the former Shanghai Chemical Fiber Factory, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Jinan Textile Institute and Shandong Yinying Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd, we have developed SL5-45,C6-46-II,DJK series new type fans and sold well in 29 provinces and cities throughout the country. The autonomous region, has obtained good benefit, and has been designated as Zibo heavy contract keeping promise enterprise, the na

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